Dao De, deepened, Nynke Roukema

Dao De (Chapter 6): “Hunyuan qi theory sees everything in the cosmos as a tightly related whole. So the practice of Dao De is imperative to improve the relationship with all that there is in order to form a harmonious entirety”. We will do an exercise to transform emotions.

“Looking back at my younger years, everything seems to line up towards finding my true life intention: to be at home in my life and to teach others to do so through understanding and practice of qigong.” Nynke has had an interest in energy and health improvement techniques from her youth. Practice and understanding the underlying theory has always gone hand in hand with her. Her background in chemistry, fascination with the human body and the essence of life have led her along hatha yoga, Taiji & Qigong, energy healing and meditation to Zhineng qigong. From a 22 year career with a large multinational, she instantly decided to start her own activity as trainer and coach at the end of a silent retreat. Her work centers around stress regulation, teaching clients practical exercises to be used in daily life and how the body and energy work. As a qigong teacher, she has a motive to make the qigong theory more accessible and share practical learnings for daily life from it resulting in these videos.