Awakening the inner power, Master Liu

This video is part of a four-day workshop given by Master Liu, in Epe (Netherlands) August 2017.

Master Yuantong Liu has practiced Qigong since his early childhood. He has his own Qigong center in China, Meishan ( Master Yuantong Liu lived and worked in the famous Huaxia Center of dr. Pang Ming for more than ten years. There he studies the Hunyuan Qi theory developed by Grandmaster Pang Ming. He also gave lectures to thousands of people in the Huaxia Center. In 2009 Master Yuantong Liu and Anne Hering met in Meishan and since then they are working together. They organized many events together and Master Yuantong Liu gives the 3-year Masterclass Program for the Zhigong Institute Europe. Due to his special way of teaching and his profound knowledge about Zhineng Qigong Science he is a loved teacher in Europe and the rest of the world. He also has a big community of students in the USA where they publish the worldwide magazine about Zhineng Qigong ( In his lectures, he combines the theory and practice of Zhineng Qigong Science in a unique way. On his channel, you can see lectures of the summer Qi festival in Epe, parts of the 3-year Masterclass in Spain and much more. We know that you will enjoy his lectures on our channel. Hun Yuan Ling Tong!