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The ‘big storm’ transformed into sunshine

In October 2003, I followed the first idea that came to my heart: ‘Set up a Qigong center in Hainan. The 18th of October 2003 I arrived on Hainan with a team of Qigong teachers. Hainan is still a long distance away from the Chinese mainland. In 2003 it was not usual to take a plane as it was too expensive. So, we first travelled to Guangzhou by train. It took us 48 hours. We spend another 30 hours more with the boat to arrive in Hainan. 

Upon our arrival we did not know where to stay. It was very busy at the port and many taxis passed until finally one stopped to asked us where we wanted to go. We asked him to bring us to a hotel in the city of Haikou which is the capital of the island. He brought us to a nice and cheap hotel which was perfect for all of us. He only charged very little for 

For 10 days we travelled around the island to find a good place for our Qigong center. We visualized a quiet, beautiful spot and this visualization brought us to Coconut Forest Bay. When I arrived there, I knew that this would be the perfect spot. Beautiful, quiet surrounded with the coconut forest – just like a natural painting. The longer I stayed there, the more I love that place. It really touched my heart. 

For various reasons, it was forbidden to open a Qigong Centre in 2003. But I had given many Qigong workshops in the mainland of China and I had seen that Qigong changed the lifestyle of many people. So, I was very convinced that it would be possible to open the center there. No matter what challenges we would face on our way to do so. 

So, we rented a hotel on the beach and started to work on gathering students. We didn't want local people to know us as Qigong teachers. So, we just told them that we were businessmen renting a hotel for tourists.

By April of 2004, we already had some students in our center, mostly from Hainan Island. We practiced inside of the hotel, all of the people supported each other and we created a very effective Qifield.

But one day when I opened my window - I lived on the second floor in the hotel - there were many cars and a jeep in the garden. All of them were from police station. I was called to come down to meet the policemen. There were about 10 of them. They all looked serious and very angry. They gave me an official notice, and this document told me that we had to leave Hainan in 24 hours! It was not only forbidden to open a Qigong center in Hainan. We also did not have a certificate to do business with tourist. 

My team and I have never faced this kind of situation before: so many policemen, no time to prepare, and all of this happened very quick. I simply had no any idea how to deal with it. I just sat there with my mind totally empty. But I never thought about leaving Hainan, nor about returning to the mainland. There was only one question: How can we stay here in Hainan?

We had worked hard for nearly one year to open our center. Everything could be gone in the next few minutes!

The best solutions always come to your Yiyuanti in the moment. After several minutes in total silence, one idea came to my mind, I asked my teammate Zou Ping to find the mobile number of one of Hainan’s VIPs. When we lived in the hotel in Haikou, a local Qigong friend had introduced Zou Ping to the VIP who worked in the government in Haikou. Zou Ping had given him a healing and when we left Haikou he got the VIP’s mobile number.

I told the leader of the policemen that we were good people and they should ask the VIP about us. Hainan Island is far away from the mainland, and so people were used to follow a more superior, or senior person. One of the policemen went to the garden and called the VIP. One of our students from Hainan listened to their conversation. After a minute this student came back to tell me that I am connected. I breathed as a sigh of relief. I was just in that moment and in total awareness; everything was possible.

The policeman came back after about 5 minutes and his manner totally changed, so polite, so gentle. He said: ‘You are good people, you have done good things for our island. Why didn't you tell us earlier?’

The ‘big storm’ transformed into sunshine immediately!

Yiyuanti can overcome any challenges.



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