Qi Channel meeting with Eric Du Bosc

Maarten is a psychologist. In 1997 Maarten was diagnosed with the final stage of kidney failure. In 2000 he received a transplant kidney from his sister. He rebuilt his life and career but he wanted to know how disease had changed his life. He opened up and shared his life story. He became a personal coach in 2007. Finally het discovered his true passion: helping others. Maarten went to China three times. In 2008 he and his wife Hester received a Masterclass Zhineng Qigong. In 2009 a year later he joined a Teacher Training with Master Yuantong Liu in Meishan. Anne Hering and other students participated in this training. In 2011 Maarten participated in the first part of the Hunyuan Qi Healer Training. Maarten lost his transplant and Master Yuantong Liu became a close friend and companion during this process. In 2013 Maarten went on dialysis. Now he trains, studies, teaches and is writing his book about how to transform life into a joyful life, never minding the life circumstances such as disease, disability or lack of energy. Since 2015 Maarten is the organizer of Online Meetings on Sunday: called Qi Channel. Maarten is happy to share his experiences, practices with you online.