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04 June 2018

The 10 benefits of Zhineng Qigong

When we are born we are equipped with a genius system. Let’s call it the connection. In the first years of our presence we have access to this system called ‘connection.’ When we grow up this system gets influenced by many factors and somehow,...
02 May 2018

The ‘big storm’ transformed into sunshine

In October 2003, I followed the first idea that came to my heart: ‘Set up a Qigong center in Hainan. The 18th of October 2003 I arrived on Hainan with a team of Qigong teachers. Hainan is still a long distance away from the Chinese mainland.
30 April 2018

Everything is connected in our Yi Yuan Ti

It happened one day in November 1991. Grandmaster Pang decided to move the Huaxia center from Shijiazhuang City to Qinhuangdao City. At that time, I was a teacher in the Recovery department in Huaxia for 3 months.
08 April 2018

Ancient and modern at the same time…

Last month I participated in the Masterclass Level 3 with Master Yuantong Liu. During one of his classes I realized once again how rich we are that we found this wonderful art.
13 February 2018

Tiny movement – big influence…

The third part of the film ‘Blue Planet’ - a film about our oceans, the wild-life in the oceans and us – reminded me about a lecture of Master Yuantong Liu.